NBA 2K10

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NBA 2K10


NBA 2K10 passes the ball to the Wii for the first time in the its 2010 edition -- this season you won't just play the NBA, you'll take over! With easy-to-use dribbling and post game offensive controls, players can pull off ankle breaking Iso-Motion moves and dominate like Kobe from the perimeter to the paint. Shut down teams down like never before with innovative defensive controls that allow you to shadow your opponent’s every move, deny position off-ball, and even select how you want to contest shots.

Signature Play pulls together all of NBA 2K's player Signature Styles and adds in Signature Tendencies and facial expressions, creating NBA 2K10 teams that play and react like their real life counterparts for an unbelievably realistic NBA experience. And for gamers looking for real-life competition, the online mode is fully incorporated into every mode of the game. Now you can play the AI, challenge the friend sitting next to you or play your buddy across town anytime, from anywhere in the game.

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